Tickets Ignite

Tickets Ignite is an ethical ticketing company that puts 30% of it’s profits from booking fees straight into a fund that artists can apply to in order to make work.

I single handedly building a high performance, scalable ticketing platform from scratch that sold tickets for venues seating hundreds of people. The platform was eventually around 70,000 lines of Ruby and was able to handle thousands of transactions an hour. As a high performance system it had to handle lots of difficult problems in computer science such as cache key invalidation, concurrency and locking and have a well designed, scalable database schema. This was validated with Gatling load testing to ensure we would be able to withstand high volume events of up to 40,000 tickets.

I was responsible for all analytical work including designing and analysing A/B experiments.

I developed internal machine learning tools to predict box office sales to help make financial decisions.