I’m currently studying for an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London.

Modules I’ve studied include Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cognitive Robotics and Deep Learning for Computer Vision. I have achieved a distinction grade in all my modules thus far. Below is a sample of some of my work in the course.

Deep Learning for CV

Improving the Architecture of Deep Networks for Computer Vision – in which I propose an improvement to the architecture of GoogLeNet V1 by adding residual layers

Developments in Single Image Super Resolution – in which I critically analyse the developments in SISR

Developments in Generative Adversarial Networks – in which I critically analyse the developments in GAN networks.

Cognitive Robotics

My presentation on my project to use reinforcement learning to learn strategies of epistemic trust

Machine Learning

Implemented a Neural Network in Python

Implemented K-Means and GMM in Python

Probability, statistics and Bayes