Prototyped and developed AI interactive personal trainer based on Kinect skeleton tracking, using machine learning to recognise poor weightlifting technique in order to prompt users to improve their technique.

Head in the Clouds

Self initiated art installation, presented at the Digitalogue Festival. Participants were invited to stand in front of a large projection of digital clouds, their movements and gestures created virtual gusts of wind, which affected the clouds as real wind might. Made in C++ with CUDA and Kinect.

‘Time Warp’ Clock for Theatre Royal Bath

The Theatre Royal Bath were doing a production of Christmas Eve that required a real time clock to strike exactly midnight at the end of the play. As timing in theatre is far from exact, using a real clock would not have worked. I was asked to develop a clock that could be programmed to run fast or slow so the stage manager could ensure it was at the right time at key stages of the play. For example, it had to be set to move its hands by 3 minutes over 5 minutes of real time. I built a system with Arduino that could meet just these requirements